Thursday, September 22, 2016

Diamante pome

WALT entertain the reader - Diamante are diamond-shaped poems ‘that contrast’ two nouns.
Success Criteria:
Step 1:  Think of two nouns that are complete opposite of each other.  Write one on Line 1 and the other on Line 7.
Step 2:  On Line 2, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 1.
Step 3:  On Line 3, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 1.
Step 4:  On Line 4, write a short phrase about line 1 and line 7.
Step 5:  On Line 5, write three “-ing” words (verbs) that relate to Line 7
Step 6:  On Line 6, write two adjectives that describe the noun on Line 7.
Step 7:  On Line 7 you will have your noun that you thought of in Step 1.

Frosty, bright
Skiing, snowball fighting, sledding
Icicles and snowflakes, family holidays
Swimming, suntanning, sweltering
Hot, sunny

Now have a go at writing your own diamante poem.  

Big, scary
Crushing, crashing, flipping
Bumping cars...driving slow
Turning, skidding, driving
Small, fast
Image result for trucks

Image result for cool car

Small, fast
Barking, sniffing, growling
Fast at running...sleeps all day
Purring, scratching, meowing
Fluffy, cute
Image result for bull dog
Image result for cute kittens

Slow, tiny
Crashing, turning, driving
Using petrol...good for racing
Jumping, flipping, stunting
Fast, powerful

Image result for cool carImage result for cool motorbike

Slimy, harmless
Sticking, eating, hiding
Moves slow all day...slithering about
striking, killing, searching
Deadly, praying

Image result for snakeImage result for cool snail

Friday, September 2, 2016

Cinquain Poem

Purpose: to entertain
Success Criteria
  1. Subject
  2. 2 adjectives (describing words) to tell about the subject
  3. 3 verbs (interesting doing words) ending in ‘ing’ that also tell about the subject
  4. A phrase to tell about how the subject feels or what it does
  5. A word describing the first line or choose another adjective

Hungry, thirsty  
It loves getting hugs

Puppy, Dog, Pet, Cute, Brown, ...

The learning powers I used were perseverance and imagining.