Tuesday, April 25, 2017

About camp

Last week the year 5 and 6's went to Camp Kaitawa. Every day we did fun activities, I will write and tell you what we did.


On Monday we got ready to go to camp - we left at 9.00 am, we took vans. I was in van number 1. 10 people can fit in each van - I'm going to show you who was in my van: Sky, Leo, Jack F, Jerome, Vaughn, Sage, Riley CT, Ashle, Jasmine and me.


On Tuesday we went kayaking at Lake Wherowhero. To get there from Kaitawa you need to just go down the hill opposite the way you come up to camp.  When we go into a kayak Miss Hill told us to line up in a row so we can run across the kayaks and jump into the water.  


On Wednesday we did the confidence course. First we had to jump over two logs with your hands on the x, this is a wooden triangle with half logs to slide down, then a wall to climb over and a wall that had little holes to help you, monkey bars, a log to walk across to get to the cargo net then the wire bridge. 

On Thursday we went to Onepoto caves, we had to split up in to two groups. One group went kayaking and the other group went caving.

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  1. Nice job Marshall from the great describing i can tell you had great fun